National Consulting Engineers (NCE) was founded in Maryland in 1992 as MEP engineering business specializing in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and lightning protection engineering, and join venture with the Civil & Structural Company. With careful management, cost control, and quality performance, NCE has grown to a level of proficiency and support staff and now provides services to the public and private sectors in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and lightning protection engineering. Since 1992, NCE has expanded its business with offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C.

NCE through the other consultants has a continuous and successful record of performance of sub-consultant prime MEP engineering services to large, nationally respected architectural firms for major A/E contracts.

NCE Technical Engineers have completed mechanical, electrical, plumbing/fire protection (MEP) engineering services for some of the largest projects in the Washington Metropolitan through other consultant.

are namely:

$850 million, Federal Triangle ICTC in Washington D.C. on the team of Pei-Cobb Freed, of New York/ Ellerbe Becket JV

$160 million, Restoration and rehabilitation of the Historic Union Station on the team of La Salle Partners/Benjamin Thompson Architects JV

New UMBC ( Physics Building)

Shiloh Baptist Church

Morgan State University Stadium

New Bowie State University Learning Center with Gaudreau/ Hugh Stubbins JV

NCE technical engineers, completed the projects for the following offices: D.C. Department of Public Works; D.C. Housing Authority; D.C. Department of Public Schools; Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO); American University; Howard University; Federal Communications Commission (FCC); Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant.

NCE has gained a wealth of experience in mechanical & electrical engineering design for both renovations & new construction of virtually all types of urban buildings & utilities infrastructure. Our projects include office buildings, public works facilities, university campus buildings, cultural arts facilities, residential buildings, hospitals, public schools, laboratories, rapid rail facilities, industrial buildings, community centers, recreational facilities, and heavy utilities.



National Consulting Engineers, LLC engineering has capabilities for both renovation and new construction include:

Mechanical Engineering- Building HVAC systems & equipment; sound control of mechanical systems & equipment; indoor air quality; HVAC control systems; central heating & chilled water plants; site distribution systems for natural gas, POL, chilled water, hot water, and steam; energy conservation analysis & design; utility company rebate programs; Building ( and Campus) Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS) with Direct Digital Controls (DDC); Wastewater Treatment Plants; Life Cycle Operations & Maintenance Management Planning & Costing; Analysis of existing systems to determine strategies and costs of repair versus replacement.

Plumbing Engineering - Building plumbing systems and equipment. Design of public toilet rooms, shower and locker rooms, commercial kitchens, sports facilities, ice rinks, recreation centers, pool facilities, hospitals, science teaching and research laboratories.

Fire Protection Engineering- Building fire suppression systems, wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems, standpipes, and fire pumps.

Electrical Engineering- Building & site electrical power ( high voltage, medium voltage, & low voltage) & lighting systems; coordination with utility company for Class Service of incoming power; Heavy site electrical design for transformers, switchgear, sub-stations; underground electrical distribution systems (including fiber optic systems); emergency generators with USTs; design of FCC Testing Labs and data processing centers for telecommunications corporations; UPS design ; grounding & lightning protection systems; fire alarm systems; communication systems; CCTV; electrical energy conservation analysis design; utility company rebate programs.

Lightning Protection- NCE successfully completed the requirements of "UL" lightning protection Inc. and is recognized as a design/installer (with the ID number: E192926). Lightning Protection Engineering for the commercial and industrial buildings and equipment selection.

Civil/ Structural/ and Environmental Engineering- Storm water management and sediment/erosion control; storm drainage systems; sewage systems; parking facilities; road and highway modernization; site structures; bridges and tunnel repair; building structural systems for both renovation and new construction; remediation design and EPA compliance monitoring for underground fuel oil storage tank sites.


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